Common skin concerns: scarring, hyperpigmentation, and redness

Acne scarring

If you currently have an acne breakout, Curology can help prevent future scarring by preventing and treating active blemishes.

For redness and hyperpigmentation, blemishes from old acne lesions can take months to heal (about 6 months on average after lesions first appear). Fortunately, pigment change is generally not permanent, so this is not considered scarring.

Depressed scarring doesn’t resolve with topical treatments. That said, tretinoin may help scarring somewhat in the long-term, due to its collagen-stimulating effect. If you want to pursue in-office treatment, we recommend reviewing your options in-person with a local cosmetic dermatologist.

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If you’re unsure whether Curology is suitable for your skin, sign up and submit a Skin Assessment with your photos. Our providers are happy to determine if our prescriptions are right for you. 

If Curology isn’t the right fit for your skin, we’re more than happy to cancel your account so you can find the help you need from an in-person provider.

Hyperpigmentation and redness

Hyperpigmentation or redness left behind by old acne can take months to resolve (approximately 6 months after the lesion first appears). The good news is that most of the spots will eventually resolve. Some formulas can help speed this up a little bit, including the active ingredients in many of our topical formulas.

Of course, the sun makes pigmentation last longer, so sunscreen helps ensure that spots go away as quickly as possible.

Concerned about your skin’s progress in this area? Send your Curology medical provider a new consultation and upload some new photos! They will be happy to help.

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