Postponing shipments

Under our  subscription model, you’re only billed an invoice when a new shipment enters our queue. This means you can adjust or postpone both your next shipment and invoice whenever you need to, once you’re finished with our free trial.

To push back a shipment, simply head to your  shipment page and from there you can choose to manage your next scheduled shipment. All changes must be submitted at least 1-2 full business days prior to your next scheduled shipment. This ensures we have time to process any requests.

Once a shipment processes (your invoice runs and it enters our formulation queue) its shipping date cannot be altered.

Please note that your subscription will not pause indefinitely! Your next shipment will bill automatically on your chosen next shipping date. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re still within our trial period (that means you’ve only received your trial bottle), you won’t be able to adjust your next shipping date until after your second shipment has been sent and your trial ends. If you’d like your second bottle sooner, you can order a new bottle directly via your  shipment page.

If you have any questions, reach out to our  support team. They're happy to help!

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