Reactivating your account

Ready to resubscribe? We'd love to have you back!

Because we are a medical practice, we allow only one account per patient. 

This means that if you’d like to renew your membership after you have canceled your account, we ask that you start by reactivating your previous account with us. 

How to reactivate your account

Reactivating is simple. Just log in with the email address associated with your previous account and follow the on-screen instructions.

Shortly after reactivation, your account will renew and a new shipment will purchase according to your subscription. By reactivating your account, you are agreeing to restart your subscription with us and invoices will resume according to your chosen subscription box

What to do once you've reactivated your account

If you have reactivated your account within 6 months of your last check-in with your provider, you should be all set to continue. A new shipment will auto-ship for you within a few days of sign up. 

If you want to change or adjust your formula, message your provider directly and upload new photosIf you do not select the option to request a new formula, your formula will remain unchanged. Unsure what you selected? Message your provider to check in!

Your provider will be happy to hear from you and will help get a new shipment sent to you ASAP.

If it has been over 6 months since you last interacted with your provider, we will require that you check in with your provider. So please be sure to message your Curology provider and upload new photos to ensure a new shipment can be sent out ASAP.

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