Already have a dermatologist?

If you already have a dermatologist, we recommend staying with them, as your current doctor can continue to treat you face-to-face.

Prescription medications from your local dermatologist may have active ingredients similar to what you might receive in a Curology formula.

If you don’t otherwise have access to a board-certified dermatologist, Curology might be a great fit! Other reasons members love Curology include: 

  • Time. No need to fit an appointment into your already-packed day.
  • Availability. No need to wait 3-4 months or more for the next available dermatology appointment in your area.
  • Distance. No need to find transportation for a long drive.
  • Affordability. With or without insurance, Curology is a better value for most people. A consultation with a licensed medical provider and a personalized prescription skincare medication cost less than many insurance copays!

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