Already have a dermatologist?

Some Curology subscribers do continue to see their in-person dermatologist. They may be treated with oral and/or topical medications, and in some cases, procedures, in addition to their Curology medication. For many, Curology allows for more affordable topical therapy. If this is the case, we ask that you let your local dermatologist know that you are using Curology (you can bring your bottle to show the ingredients, and/or use your phone, iPad or laptop to show your doctor the messages from your Curology provider.) Follow your local dermatologist’s recommendations - we advise you to have them take the lead in your treatment. And, of course, please message your Curology medical provider to let him/her know the advice/treatments that you’ve been given in-person. Communication is the key, here!

If you don’t otherwise have access to a board-certified dermatologist, Curology might be a great fit! Other reasons members love Curology include: 

  • Time. No need to fit an appointment into your already-packed day.
  • Availability. No need to wait 3-4 months or more for the next available dermatology appointment in your area.
  • Distance. No need to find transportation for a long drive.
  • Affordability. With or without insurance, Curology is a better value for most people. A consultation with a licensed medical provider and a personalized prescription skincare medication cost less than many insurance copays!

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