Layering products & pH

What if my skincare products have different pHs?

Don’t worry! There’s no need to dust off your chemistry textbook or spend hours on Google.

The pH of typical skin is around 4.5 to 5; the pH of a typical Curology mix is between 4 and 5, but the exact pH can vary depending on your formulation. Regardless of the pH of your more acidic vitamin C, BHA, etc., there’s no need to to neutralize the skin's surface. Go right ahead and apply your AHA/BHA exfoliants or vitamin C and then your Curology medication without waiting between applications. Feel free to apply moisturizer after using your Curology mix. Some people like to reverse the order and that’s fine too.

For the most complete and even application, we suggest gently rubbing in a product, and after waiting a couple minutes (at most), applying the next product.

Some people do better waiting until their skin is completely dry after cleansing before applying their Curology mix, especially during the adjustment phase (as damp skin is more permeable and irritable).

The bottom line: Don’t worry about pH and wait times. Just go with your own personal preference.

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