Skin not improving yet?

When treating acne and skin aging, dedication and patience are key.

While some members see results right away, it takes some time and patience for most of us to start seeing results.

When treating acne, we can't judge how a person is responding to prescription care until at least 6 weeks have passed (although most see improvement by weeks 3 or 4). Treatment is an ongoing process with gradual improvement (and some setbacks) until the tendency to break out has passed. Note that this improvement period varies greatly.

For skin aging prevention and treatment, some (but not all!) members have a bit of an adjustment period. Even after your skin has adjusted, it’s only after months of regular use (along with daily sunscreen) that most members see benefits.

There is, of course, a broad spectrum of results that may happen — from dramatic change within a few weeks, to very subtle change after a year. We’ve seen it all.

If it’s been 6-8 weeks without improvement, be sure to  update your dermatology provider with a new consultation so that he or she can help make any necessary changes.

When beginning prescription treatment, some acne patients (and even some patients without pre-existing acne) may go through a “purging” period, of where the medication appears to cause new acne. In reality, the skin is likely adjusting to the medication and purging impurities from the skin. Check out our article on purging for info and tips on how to minimize these effects.

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