Cost of doxycycline

The cost of prescription medication outside of Curology depends on your insurance status. Please find more information about your specific situation below:

  1. "I have commercial insurance" (examples: Aetna, BCBS, United Health Care, Cigna, Tricare, etc.)
  2. "I have government state-funded Medicaid insurance"
  3. "I have Kaiser"
  4. "I don't have insurance"

If you have commercial insurance (#1), it is not necessary to contact our nurses. When calling in doxycycline, we will assume all patients have commercial insurance and call in "doxycycline best covered/preferred on our patient's insurance plan." Please make sure your pharmacy has your up-to-date health insurance card to process your prescription. 

If you do not have commercial insurance (#2, #3, or #4), please contact our nurses at with the required information after reading the information in the corresponding link. 

Will your insurance cover it?

The short answer: ask your local pharmacy! Most prescription insurance plans cover generic doxycycline with a minimum or no co-pay. But because every insurance plan is different, we can’t know your specific plan’s prescription coverage benefits. You can ask your local pharmacy to share the cost of your doxycycline once they’ve processed your prescription through your insurance plan. The pharmacy just needs your current prescription insurance card information to provide your out of pocket co-pay cost.

Does the co-pay seem expensive?

If the co-pay seems expensive (over $30 to $50), ask your pharmacist if cheaper doxycycline forms or brands are an option. Though we specify “the preferred doxycycline on our patient’s prescription insurance plan,” the pharmacy might dispense a more expensive option. Feel free to email our nurse for help ( or ask the pharmacy to call our nurse to change your prescription to the least expensive option.

Are there cheaper generic options?

We do phone in "generic doxycycline hyclate 100 mg capsules or tablets or generic monohydrate 100mg capsules or tablets, whichever is preferred, best covered on our patient's insurance plan for minimum cost to our patient" with the hope that your pharmacist checks the best covered for you. If your co-pay seems high, please ask your pharmacist to try all the doxycycline options. This sometimes brings the cost down significantly.

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