Curology's emergency spot patches

What are Curology spot patches?

Curology spot patches come in the form of a semi-transparent sticker dot. These little dots are in fact hydrocolloid bandages, an absorbent material that draws out oil and pus while maintaining a moist environment to encourage healing.
Our spot patch is great for emergencies, but for long-term treatment, rely on your custom Curology formula to help meet your skin goals. Always apply spot patch first, custom cream second.

How do I purchase the spot patches and how much do they cost?

New Members: We are always striving to tailor the routine that best addresses your skincare goals! If you indicated getting flare ups per week in your initial skin quiz, you will see the spot patches recommended as part of your trial box. You just have to cover $4.95 for shipping and handling (tax will apply when applicable)!
Existing Members: If you’re already subscribed to the Large custom bottle or the Curology set, you can update your subscription to include the spot patch for an additional $4.95 (tax will apply when applicable). This 2-month supply will come with 20 patches for all those sudden spots!
To keep things easy, the spot patch is only available as an add-on to the Large custom bottle or the Curology set. 
For a full overview of our pricing, check out our full overview here: Pricing & Products

Can I purchase the spot patches without a subscription to Curology?

Not at this time. We decided to put your entire routine in one box to make things easy!

When will I receive my spot patches after I’ve ordered it? 

After placing your order, the spot patches (and their associated invoice) will be added to your next shipment. 

Will this treat my acne? 

The spot patch is for those sudden spots. They can help speed up the healing—but won’t keep acne from coming back. To help prevent future pimples, we recommend applying your custom formula every day, unless otherwise indicated by your medical provider.

How do I apply the spot patch?  

Wash your face, then apply the patch to the problem spot on clean, dry skin. If it’s nighttime, apply your custom cream followed by your moisturizer (if you need it), avoiding the spot patch. If you’re wearing it during the day, just skip the custom cream!
A clean dry face helps the spot patches stick to your skin better. The spot patch may not stick as well to oily skin.
Wait 6-24 hours and then peel off. Repeat daily as needed!

Can I reuse the spot patches?

Once you peel off the spot patch, it might be filled with pus and oil, so you’ll want to just throw it away. When it's time for another spot patch, grab a new one!

Can I wear makeup while using a spot patch? 

Yes! As long as the ingredients in your foundation are non-pore-clogging, you can apply makeup over the spot patch. Check out our foundation recommendations.

What makes spot patches different from regular bandages? 

Curology spot patches are not like regular bandages. They are hydrocolloid bandages that promote absorption and healing.  

Are the spot patches available in stores? 

Our spot patches are only available to Curology members and can be purchased exclusively at 

How long should I leave the spot patch on? 

Wait 6-24 hours. If you find it fills up quickly, you may want to remove it on the earlier side (closer to the 6-hour mark), but otherwise, you can leave it on for up to 24 hours.

How often should I use it? 

Apply daily as needed. 

What type of skin does this work for? 

The spot patch works for all skin types —and can help speed up healing. Applying the patch also helps avoid the temptation to pick at your sudden spots, which can lead to more inflammation and scarring. 

Does the spot patch expire?

Our spot patches do not expire!

What sizes does the spot patch come in?

They come in one size to keep things simple! Each patch is 0.445".

Are there any ingredients that might be irritating for someone with sensitive skin?

Our spot patch is designed to be effective, yet gentle—unlike many other products. It’s a simple hydrocolloid bandage, and has no other active ingredients that may irritate or dry out your skin. 

Is this product eligible in the Curology Access Program? 

As we continue to expand our product, we are excited to include all of our non-prescription products as part of CAP.  Our mission is to make healthy skin accessible for all, and that doesn’t stop at the face. You can find out more about CAP here

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