Accessing your account

To login to your account simply head here to enter your password or request a magic link.

If you have trouble logging in (for example you are prompted to start a new account instead) you may be attempting to log in with the wrong email address.

If you are unsure what the correct email address may be or you are not receiving a verification or magic link email, please reach out to our Curology Success team. They are happy to help check into this for you.

If you are a Parent/Guardian attempting to access your child's account, please know that you must log in via the main email on file. 

Forgot your password?

Don't remember your password? No problem. You can easily create a new password by clicking the "Forgot?" link above the password entry form. Check the email associated with your account for the password reset link and follow those instructions. 

Accidentally submit this request more than once?

This can cause your link to time out. Just be sure to click the most recent reset link, or email our Success team for assistance. 

Don't remember the email associated with your account?

If you forget the email address associated with your account, contact our Success team and share your full name and shipping address. They'll be happy to help locate your account and get you logged in ASAP.

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