If your medication is running low and your shipment date hasn't arrived yet, don’t worry! You can order a new shipment of your medication anytime. Similarly, you’re free to push back your next shipment date as needed.

Requesting more is simple — just log in to your dashboard, and request an additional bottle via the shipments page. This will trigger your next invoice and your  new shipment will process directly after the invoice has run. 

If you're not sure if your medication is running low, you can see how much is left in the bottle by shining a flashlight (the light on your phone works great) against the bottom of the bottle. 

With our one-month supply bottles, it’s time to order more mix once the remaining amount is between the top of the dotted "C" logo and the silver rim of your bottle. When used as prescribed (2 pumps nightly), members find that the mix lasts, on average, 30 days.

With our larger, two-month supply, once your mix level nears the top of the dotted "C" logo, it's time to order more. When used as prescribed (2 pumps nightly), members find that their medication lasts, on average, 60 days. With prescription medication, a little goes a long way!

If you have any trouble adjusting your next shipment date, don't hesitate to email our support team. We'll help you figure it out.

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