21 Day Challenge

The 21-Day Challenge is a SMS (text message) based challenge to help make applying your Curology a fun part of your daily routine.

You can opt-in to this challenge via your Progress Page once your first shipment has been delivered to your door!

By opting in you will receive 21 days of reminders to apply your Curology formula (with a few laughs along the way). Follow the messaged prompts to participate.

You can opt out of the challenge at any time by texting the phrase CreamOut.

If you text the phrase STOP this will disable all SMS notifications (including pre-shipment alerts). If you sent this in by mistake and would like to restart your SMS notifications, you can opt back in anytime via the Contact Info page on your dashboard.

Please know that any texts sent in to our SMS service are not forwarded on to our team. If you have any questions about your account reach out to our support team directly at: support@curology.com.

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