One-on-one messaging system

What is it?

Our messaging system makes asking questions about your skincare as easy as sending a text message. Our goal is to eliminate barriers, so every member can have all of their questions answered anytime. 

Our web interface also allows you to securely upload photos at any time.

 It’s important to note that uploading photos alone will not notify your provider. If you'd like his or her feedback, be sure to submit a full consultation (the option to upload photos is included in a new consultation).

When will my provider respond?

You may send any questions from your smartphone, tablet, or computer through this link, and your licensed dermatology provider will respond within 24-48 hours during the week (but allow 72 hours over weekends and holidays). When your provider responds, you’ll get an email.

Message your provider now

Have non-medical questions?

If you have any non-medical questions,  email our support team. They’re more than happy to help.

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