Bottle storage

Keep your bottle away from extreme temperatures!

Your Curology prescription medication doesn’t need to be stored in the dark or in the refrigerator — the bathroom countertop at room temperature is just fine!

Extremely hot temperatures may cause the mix to separate, so avoid leaving the bottle in a very hot area or in strong, direct sunlight (like on the dashboard of your car).

If this does happen, don't worry! We advise turning the bottle upside-down and mixing it by rotating the bottle back and forth 15-20 times. This should take care of the liquid consistency of the medication. Separation doesn't make the formula less effective, so it’s fine to continue using your medication as usual!

On the other hand, extremely cold temperatures may cause a gritty or clumped texture which can make your mix harder to pump or harsh to apply. Don’t leave a package out in cold temperatures or store your medication in a cold car or refrigerator. 

Again, a change in texture won’t make the formula less effective, so it’s still safe to use if you so choose. However, if it’s too hard to pump the medication, or you find the texture unappealing, our support team can help you with the issue.

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