Photo uploading tips

Uploading clear, make-up free and filter free photos are important for making sure your Skin Assessment can be reviewed by your Curology Provider.

If photos do not meet our standards, your provider may ask that you  upload additional photos.

Here are some tips for uploading proper photos for your provider:

  1. Your full face should fill the entire screen. It's best for your provider to see your full face at once. Do not only upload close up images of parts of your face. We require a minimum of 3 photos: one front facing, and one of each side of your face in profile.
  2. Be sure your face is make-up free and that any filters are removed from your photos. 
  3. To see your face clearly, please make sure your photos are well-lit.

Remember: Your photos are private and only used in the prescribing of your custom formula. If you have any questions about this, feel free to message us directly at

Upload Photos

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