Uploading photos

Uploading clear, make-up free, and filter-free photos is required to create a Curology account. Once your account is created, photos can also be uploaded to the Curology community or to your own Progress page. 

General photo uploading tips

If photos do not meet our standards, your provider may ask that you upload additional photos.

Here are some tips for uploading proper photos for your provider:

  1. Your full face should fill the entire screen. It's best for your provider to see your full face at once. Do not only upload close up images of parts of your face. We require a minimum of 3 photos: one front-facing, and one of each side of your face in profile.
  2. Be sure your face is make-up free and that any filters are removed from your photos. 
  3. To see your face clearly, please make sure your photos are well-lit.

Remember: Photos uploaded via a consultation or message to your provider are private and only used in the prescribing of your custom formula. If you have any questions about this, feel free to message us directly at  hello@curology.com.

Trouble with your magic link?

If you have trouble receiving or using your 'Magic Link' during sign up, simply head to  https://curology.com/photos via your phone's mobile browser, where you’ll be prompted to upload your photos. If this doesn't help, email our Curology Success team for additional assistance.

The Curology community

Our members-only community is a safe space for sharing milestones and how you're feeling with other Curology patients. Participating in the Community is not required for your treatment, but we encourage patients to explore the Community – wherever you are in your journey, someone else has been there, too.

If you decide to share, you can create a "Postcard" by uploading a picture and writing a quick caption.  Then, any Curology patient can give you a boost with a heart, hug, or sparkle emoji reaction. It's a great way to support each other and get inspired by the real moments in everyone's journey!

Who can see these Postcard photos?

Other Curology patients can see your Postcard photos. They are completely separate from the photos you send to your provider or that you track in your Journey page gallery.

The Community is not accessible outside of Curology, making it a safe place to share with other Curology patients just like you.

If you decide to create a Postcard, you can keep it as a "Draft" until you are ready to share.  Once you share, your Postcard will be visible to Curology patients viewing the Community page.  You can "Unpublish" your Postcard if you'd like by tapping the upper-right corner of the card to flip it over.

Your Progress (Photo Booth & Gallery)

Every Curology patient has their own personal Progress page with a Photo Booth and Gallery for creating collages, Before & Afters, or tracking progress at-a-glance.

You can upload as many photos as you like on this page. It's your space, so get creative!  Start a daily photo journal to track how you feel or take a weekly selfie to kickstart your Before & After.  We'll organize the pics for you and keep them handy for however you want to use them. 💖

Who can see these Progress photos?

The photos you add to your Progress photo gallery are meant for personal progress tracking.  They are only visible to you and your medical provider. No other Curology patient will be able to see them.

The collages you create in the Photo Booth are only visible to you. The Photo Booth collages are not visible to your medical provider or other Curology patients.  If you'd like to share them, you can "tap & hold" on your creations to save them to your camera roll or right-click to save if you're on a desktop computer.

If you'd like your medical provider to review the photos, please include them in a new message to your provider describing how you're doing and what you'd like them to review. 

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