Curology is travel-sized!

Going on a trip? You may be wondering about traveling with your medication and making sure that you won't run out while you're away.

Your Curology medication is travel-size and is permitted by the FAA to bring onto an airplane in your carry-on baggage. Most Curology bottles are well under the 3.4oz TSA requirement. (Our custom bottles contain 1oz or less of medication. The exact amount in each bottle is listed on the prescription label.) Our cleanser and moisturizer are both also within TSA requirements. Our full-sized cleanser contains 2.7oz and our full-sized moisturizer contains 1.7oz.

Keep in mind that our full-sized Acne Body Wash contains 6.8oz of product and does not meet TSA requirements for carry-on baggage. Feel free to add this bottle into your checked bag! 

If you'll be gone for longer than a few months, make sure to email our Curology Success team so we can help make sure you're able to continue treatment during your trip.

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