Where is my shipment?

Not sure if your shipment is on it's way?

First, head to the shipping page in your account and check out the shipping tracker on the top of the screen. 

This will let you know where your most recent shipment is in the shipping process. (Not sure what it's telling you? Email support!) Once you’ve been charged  for a new shipment, your bottle will ship out within 1-3 business days.

If your tracker hasn’t yet updated from your last shipment, check out the shipping calendar under the tracker. Here, you’ll find the date for your next scheduled shipment. From there you can adjust your next shipping date as needed. 

If you'd like to order an additional shipment ASAP, use the shipment purchase option also located below your tracker. You can now purchase multiple bottles at once, so keep an eye on your next shipping date when purchasing a new shipment.

New to Curology?

Welcome! If you're a new member and have not yet heard back from your provider, be sure that you’ve fully submitted your initial Skin Assessment by activating your account and uploading photos

Once you’ve submitted your Skin Assessment, you should hear back from your provider within 24-48 hours. In case you don't, please email our support team and they'll be happy to check on your status.

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