Shipments and invoices prior to 4/18/2017

On April 18th 2017, we transitioned to a new payment model.

Shipments and invoices before April 18th, 2017 were made under our previous payment model.

Under our old payment model, charges were not billed by bottle. Instead, members paid a monthly subscription to cover the cost of each bottle over multiple payments. The $19.95 per month charge covered the cost of a 90-day supply over a 3 month period. This totaled $59.85 per bottle.

For example, new members were initially sent a month-long trial bottle for just the cost of shipping and handling. After 30 days, members were billed their first full monthly invoice and shipped a 90-day supply, which would then be covered by that month's invoice and the two following months' invoices. 

Because this model often caused confusion, we've now switched to a pay-per-bottle plan. Moving forward, members are only billed when a new shipment gets mailed (by default, every 30 or 60 days).

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