Pricing & plans

Members have the choice between three subscription plans. Under each plan, payments are made per-shipment. Shipments are automatically scheduled and shipped based on your chosen subscription plan, but you also have the ability to adjust the date of your upcoming shipments and charges. Have questions? You can always  email our support team for help.

Free trial offer

We're currently offering a  trial bottle for just the cost of shipping and handling ($4.95) to all new members on all three plans. And there’s no need for a referral code!

If you select our bundled 3-step Curology set, this trial will also include a trial of our cleanser and moisturizer (on this plan tax will apply where applicable). 

After your trial, you’ll transition to your  chosen subscription plan. You choose your subscription plan when you sign up, but you can switch at any time*.

Our Three Plans:

The 3-Step Curology Set: 

Shipments every 60 days $59.90 (free S&H)
Includes cleanser, superbottle & moisturizer

Our 3-Step Curology set bills $59.90 per shipment every 60 days. This set includes a 2-month supply of our cleanser, superbottle and moisturizer. It works out to $29.95 per month, but is billed as one invoice. On this plan, you are not billed monthly. On this plan tax will apply where applicable**.

You can upgrade to our 3-step plan after 10am PST on October 1st 2018

2-Month Shipments: 

Shipments every 60 days $39.90 (free S&H)
Does not include cleanser & moisturizer 

Our 2-Month plan bills $39.90 per larger bottle every 60 days. This set includes a 2-month supply of your custom superbottle. This works out to an average of $19.95 per month, but is billed as one invoice. On the 2-month plan, you are not billed monthly. 

1-Month Shipments: 

Monthly shipments $19.95 + $4.95 S&H 
Does not include cleanser & moisturizer 

Our 1-Month plan bills $24.90 per smaller bottle every 30 days. This set includes a 1-month supply of your custom superbottle.

Each plan bills by shipment, and there is no minimum commitment. If a shipping date is adjusted, this will also adjust the associated invoice. Invoices are run per new shipment processed.

What's Included?

Membership covers everything, including one-on-one messaging with your provider and shipments of your prescription formula every 30 or 60 days, depending on your plan. Your card on file will be charged the same date your shipment is  scheduled to process. Once your card has charged successfully, your mix is formulated and shipped out for you within 1-3 business days (if not sooner). Changing cards or cancelling is easy and you can do so at any time via your Payment Page. Cancelling after a shipment has billed will not cancel a pending shipment. Once a shipment has processed (the bill is processed and it enters our queue), it cannot be cancelled, please cancel a full 1-2 business days a head of a shipment if you no longer wish to receive it.

Our average member contacts his or her dermatology provider every 30-90 days as treatment begins.

Once you have a routine, and are happy with your formula, we ask that you check in at least yearly.

If you run out of your mix early,  requesting an earlier shipment is easy. 

After your trial ends, adjusting your next shipment from the  shipping calendar will move your next invoice to that date. Once your charge is processed, your shipment will get ordered and ship out within 1-3 business days (if not sooner). 

Seeing an in-person dermatologist can cost up to $1000 per year, including office visits and prescription creams from the pharmacy. Proactiv+® costs up to $480 per year. With Curology, your acne medication costs less than $240 per year!

Still have questions? Email us at

* Adjustments made to a plan after a payment has been made and a shipment is in our bottle formulation queue will not alter your current shipment. It will apply to your next scheduled invoice/shipment.

**Sales tax is applied to our cleanser and moisturizer bundle in the following states: CA, WA & IL. Referral credit cannot be used to cover sales tax. 

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