Waxing & hair removal


If your medication contains tretinoin, do not wax any facial area, including your eyebrows, as this may result in a severe abrasion.

If tretinoin is not one of the ingredients in your medication, waxing should be fine.


Laser hair removal may or may not be okay depending on the type of laser and the ingredients in your Curology medication. Be sure to check with your hair removal professional before the procedure and provide your formula’s ingredients. You may be asked to stop your Curology medication for several days before and/or after the procedure. Follow the advice of the hair removal professional.

Threading & tweezing

Threading and tweezing are always okay, regardless of the ingredients in your medication.

Chemical hair removal agents

Temporarily stop the use of these products, such as Nair, when starting your Curology formula. Once your skin has adjusted to the use of your Curology medication, you can begin re-introducing chemical hair removal. However, it is important to know that you may need less exposure time than recommended in the product directions. Longer exposure times may result in burning or irritation.

If you take these precautions, you may continue using these products alongside your Curology medication!

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