Prescriptions when you do have insurance

If you have Kaiser insurance...

Kaiser won’t cover your prescription

Our medical providers are not Kaiser providers, nor are they referred by your Kaiser provider. Therefore, Kaiser will not cover your prescription and you will have to pay the cash price.

Kaiser does have a reasonable price

Luckily, Kaiser has very reasonable cash prices on their prescriptions. (For instance,  doxycycline monohydrate 50mg, #60 tablets were under $20, as of July 2017.)

Share your Kaiser member number with us

It’s very helpful if you provide your Kaiser member number to us. That makes it much easier for our nurse to phone in your prescription.

Make sure to specify which pharmacy

Some Kaiser locations have multiple pharmacies in one building or campus. So please be specific which pharmacy location you would like to pick up your prescription so our nurse can call in your prescription correctly.

If you have Medicaid insurance...

Medicaid rules and regulations vary vastly depending on the state. 

Certain states will only cover prescriptions if your provider is a licensed medicaid provider in your state. If this is the case, then the cost of your prescription won’t be covered, since our providers aren’t licensed Medicaid providers.

Doxycycline coverage varies depending on your state. Some states cover it; other states cover only a short supply (10-14 days) is covered; still other states don’t cover it at all. If your state only covers a short supply or none at all, you have the option of using a coupon and paying the cash price.

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