If you have insurance

Kaiser insurance

Kaiser won’t cover your prescription

Kaiser will not cover the cost of your doxycycline prescription because our medical providers are not Kaiser providers nor referred from your Kaiser provider. 

However, you have two options: 

1. Discuss the doxycycline with your in-person Kaiser provider.

2. Use a GoodRx coupon at a convenient local pharmacy and pay the estimated cash price (GoodRx cash prices range between $12-$22 depending on the pharmacy).

*Please reach out to our RN Prescription Team if you would like to use a GoodRx coupon. They are experts at finding the best GoodRx deals for you at your local pharmacies. You can email them directly here.  

Medicaid insurance

Medicaid rules and regulations vary vastly depending on the state. 

Most states will only cover prescriptions if your provider is a licensed Medicaid provider in your state. If this is the case, then the cost of your prescription won’t be covered, since our providers aren’t licensed Medicaid providers.

Doxycycline coverage varies depending on your state. Some states cover it, some states cover only an “emergency supply” (10-14 days) and some states don’t cover it at all. If your state only covers a short supply or none at all, you have the option of discussing prescribing an oral antibiotic treatment with your in-person Medicaid provider.

Some pharmacies will accept a GoodRx coupon and permit you to pay the coupon cash price if your Medicaid will not cover the cost. Please see the article “ If you don’t have insurance” to learn more.

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