First, look up prices for 100mg, #30 capsules (usually the best deal)

  1. Visit
  2. Select brand: “Doxycycline monohydrate (generic)" for “your local zip code" 
  3. Under "Prescription Settings,” using the dropdown function
               a. Select form as "capsule"
               b. Select dosage as "100mg" 
               c. Select quantity as “30 capsules” 
               d. Set lowest prices near as “your zip code”

Review best local pharmacy for convenience and prices.

Then check prices for 50mg, #60 capsules

  1. Visit
  2. Select brand: “Doxycycline monohydrate (generic)" for “your local zip code" 
  3. Under "Prescription Settings,” using the dropdown function
                a. Select form as "capsule"
                b. Select dosage as "50mg" 
                c. Select quantity as “60 capsules” 
                d. Set lowest prices near as “your zip code”

Now select which local pharmacy has the best cash deal (50mg, #60 capsules or 100mg, #30 capsules) and let your provider know if your dosage needs to be changed. Enter your pharmacy’s name and phone number in your profile and accept your prescription. Once you accept your prescription, our nurse is notified to transmit your order.

Troubleshooting tips

Pharmacies must honor the GoodRx coupon
The local pharmacies that show up in a GoodRx search have a contractual agreement to accept the coupon. If your pharmacy is unable or unwilling to process your coupon, please call “Customer Questions Call” or ask your pharmacist to call the “Pharmacist Questions Call” number listed on the coupon. Most issues can be resolved quickly!

Quoted prices are cash price “estimates”
These typically match the price quoted or are very close (only a few dollars different). If the pharmacy quotes you a much higher price after processing the coupon, please insist that they call the “Pharmacist Questions Call” on the coupon. They may have processed the coupon incorrectly.

Don’t pay if the price doesn’t match the GoodRx coupon price
Please do NOT pay for or take the prescription if the price does not closely match coupon price, unless you’re willing to accept the price as final. Once you take the prescription, the pharmacy will not take it back or refund your money. Again, please insist the pharmacy call the “Pharmacist Questions Call” number listed on the coupon.

Curology’s prescription nurse is here to help
Curology’s prescription nurse is responsible for all pharmacy calls and is happy to help you as much as you need! Please do not hesitate to contact her to help you find the best deal. You may contact her anytime via email at

Print out your coupon
Most pharmacies require the coupon in person, so you must print it out and take it with you! Though some pharmacies might let you pull a coupon up on your phone, they typically don’t allow our nurse to fax the coupon or read the coupon over the phone.

You don’t need a coupon for your refills
If you were prescribed a refill, the coupon should still be valid for the refill — you don’t need to print it again. The coupon remains on file at the pharmacy.

Sometimes what you want is on backorder
A pharmacy doesn’t keep every option of doxycycline in stock. Typically the pharmacy can order your doxycycline from their supplier and can have it in stock for you in 1-2 business days. Sometimes, a particular doxycycline is on backorder from their medication supplier and could be delivered in a few days or a few months. If this happens, you might not be able to get the best deal for the doxycycline at this particular pharmacy.

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