Pharmacy prescriptions for Doxycycline

“I have prescription insurance coverage.”

Will your insurance cover it?

The short answer: ask your local pharmacy! Most prescription insurance plans cover generic doxycycline with a minimum or no co-pay. But because every insurance plan is different, we can’t know your specific plan’s prescription coverage benefits. You can ask your local pharmacy to share the cost of your doxycycline once they’ve processed your prescription through your insurance plan. The pharmacy just needs your current prescription insurance card information to provide your out of pocket co-pay cost.

Does the co-pay seem expensive?

If the co-pay seems expensive (over $30 to $50), ask your pharmacist if cheaper doxycycline forms or brands are an option. Though we specify “the preferred doxycycline on our patient’s prescription insurance plan,” the pharmacy might dispense a more expensive option. Feel free to email our nurse for help ( or ask the pharmacy to call our nurse to change your prescription to the least expensive option.

Are there cheaper generic options?

Sometimes generic Doxycycline* is a cheaper option. For help, email our nurse ( or ask the pharmacy to call us to change your prescription strength dosage. There’s no way to know in advance if your prescription insurance plan prefers 50mg or 100mg strength, since all prescription insurances have different preferences.

*Generic Doxycycline: 100mg strength, #30 pills, taken once daily with food is the same total daily dose as taking 50mg strength #60 pills, taken twice daily with food. Either option works the same for helping acne.

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