The Curology community

Our members-only community is a safe space for sharing milestones and how you're feeling with other Curology patients. Participating in the Community is not required for your treatment, but we encourage patients to explore the Community – wherever you are in your journey, someone else has been there, too.

If you decide to share, you can create a "Postcard" by uploading a picture and writing a quick caption.  Then, any Curology patient can give you a boost with a heart, hug, or sparkle emoji reaction.  It's a great way to support each other and get inspired by the real moments in everyone's journey!

Who can see these Postcard photos?
Other Curology patients can see your Postcard photos. They are completely separate from the photos you send to your provider or that you track in your Journey page gallery.

The Community is not accessible outside of Curology, making it a safe place to share with other Curology patients just like you.

If you decide to create a Postcard, you can keep it as a "Draft" until you are ready to share.  Once you share, your Postcard will be visible to Curology patients viewing the Community page.  You can "Unpublish" your Postcard if you'd like by tapping the upper-right corner of the card to flip it over.

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